Travel is good for the soul.

We are Christian people who love to travel and we want to enable fellow Christians to enjoy their journey while they enhance their faith through fellowship.

Organized and planned travel allows the tourist to enjoy the trip, and all the sights along the way, without the stresses and decisions that go along with taking a vacation. At Joy Trips & Tours, we are continuously working out the details of affordable destinations in the U.S., but with the added benefit of God as our Guide. We look to Him for our daily needs, as well as being dependent on Him throughout our travels.

We will make our trips with you and God in mind, traveling and conducting ourselves in a Christ-like manner. We will visit and enjoy the sites while admiring the beauty God has provided. Some locations will be historic in nature, some will be artistic. Some places will be made by God with all its beauty, some will be man-made for our enjoyment. All stops will be selected by our Christian team with your recreation and relaxation in mind.

We strive to keep ourselves, our families, our business contacts, and you – our customers – held in a close bond with God. The comfort this gives to each of us is enormous and that kind of fellowship is truly appreciated. Each trip made brings friends, and we're thankful to you and our Lord for that.

We praise God for His love and our salvation. We carry this love for God through to our trips. We pray that you will receive a blessing from knowing us, and our beliefs, and through traveling with us to destinations across the United States. 

Joy Trips & Tours
PO Box 803
Benton, MO 63736
Phone: 573-313-1715
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